Essential Oils worth the investment

A good friend of mine in Tennessee took the bait. She saw how Young Living Essential Oils were changing my life, and she wanted to experience the change for herself. She purchased a Premium Starter Kit, and wasn’t disappointed. What is EO

I asked my friend, who is a preschool teacher, via email how things were going so far, and this was her response:

“I am LOVING my oils! For the past couple months, I’ve been sleeping terribly. Every night I diffuse Lavender, I sleep like a friggin baby. And I’ve been rubbing Thieves on my feet too which has really helped my sore throat that was starting! My students are all coughing like crazy, so I’m going to keep doing it for awhile.

Today I put some water in a spray bottle and some drops of Lavender in it… and I told my students I had sleepy dust… like pixie dust, but pixie dust makes you fly… this makes you sleepy… (they have a nap time).. so I told them as soon as they were ready on their mats, I’d spray it over them and you’ll know its working if you start to smell it. Oh my gosh… worked like a charm. They were all asleep so quick… AND slept so well. It was awesome!”

Personal testimonies don’t lie, people! There’s a reason Young Living is gaining around 50,000 new members each month. Young Living Essential Oils are undoubtedly the best essential oils on the market!

Natalie A. Trout

Young Living Independent Distributor
YL# 1964058

Essential oils not a quick-fix

As I stated in previous posts, Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) changed my life. Postnasal drip all but disappeared. Skin spots became lighter. I came off my anti-anxiety meds. I was falling asleep at night, staying asleep, and waking up refreshed.

YLEO seemed to make everything better.20140805_204236

What happens when things get better? We think that we ARE better. And we stop doing whatever it was that made the great improvements in our daily lives.

When you start going to the gym and over time you lose weight, what happens if you stop going to the gym? The weight comes back.

When you have trouble sleeping at night and you start taking Tylenol PM before bed and sleep like baby, what happens when you stop taking the Tylenol PM? Your sleep problems return.

When you start using essential oils, they solve your problems, and then you stop using them, what happens? Your problems return.

Essential Oils are NOT a quick fix. They will not always “fix” your problem permanently. To get the full benefits, you must make the lifestyle change.

I was simply thrilled when I came off my anti-anxiety meds a few months ago. I was off my meds and yet had zero panic attacks. I was drifting off to sleep to Peace & Calming or Cedarwood each night and sleeping better than I had in years. Things were going good. So good, that I stopped oiling every day. I wasn’t even diffusing any essential oils as I slept.

Big. Mistake.

I began having panic attacks. Sometimes at night, sometimes during the day. Sleeping was next to impossible. I’d lie in bed, wide awake, sometimes in tears because I just wanted to sleep but my body wouldn’t let me. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that it was because I stopped using YLEO regularly.

“They can’t REALLY have been the reason I was rid of my anxiety and sleeping better… could they?” I thought to myself.

I’ll be flat out honest- I doubted the oils.

Until I started diffusing again and putting Joy or Frankincense on my heart before going to bed.

Peaceful slumber returned. Panic attacks disappeared.

Could it really have been the oils? Absolutely. Any and all doubt I had left in my mind is gone. These things work.

If you turn to essential oils for a quick fix, sometimes they will do the trick. But to really experience their full benefits, you’ve got to make it a lifestyle.  Apply and diffuse regularly, and watch your life change.

Natalie A. Trout
Young Living Independent Distributor
YL#: 1964058YL# Y

A day in the life of an “oils girl”

It’s incredibly exciting and yet absolutely horrifying when you receive your Young Living Premium Starter Kit in the mail.20140805_204236

There it is- a huge box filled with essential oils, a diffuser, literature, samples, and more! It’s so exciting and you think, “My oils are finally here! I can’t wait to get started!”

And then you think, “But how do I get started?” and panic sets in.

It took me a few days to truly figure out how I was supposed to use the oils. I was confused about which ones I should diffuse, which I should ingest and which I should just apply topically. I wanted to make sure I used exactly the right essential oil in exactly the right way.

Now, a few months later, and I’ll try just about anything. But the best thing about the past few months is that it’s taught me how to incorporate essential oils into my everyday life as a matter of PREVENTION and not just to treat symptoms when they arise.

For those of you who have received your Premium Starter Kit and are scratching your heads as far as what to do next, or those of you who HAVEN’T bought a PSK because you’re afraid, here’s a run down of how I use my Young Living Essential Oils on a daily basis:

6 a.m. My alarm goes off and I pretty much head straight for my diffuser. While getting ready for the day, I diffuse something uplifting like Peppermint, Lime, Tangerine, Lemon or Joy. Each helps energize me and lift my mood before a day at the office.

6:15 a.m. Now that I’m out of bed and getting ready, I’ll use an essential oil on my face before applying my makeup. Frankincense has been awesome on the sunspots on my face- they get lighter every day!

9 a.m. At the office, after I’ve had my breakfast and coffee, I fill my glass water bottle with water and a few drops of essential oil. My favorites are Lemon, Lime, Tangerine, Orange and Peppermint. Sometimes I’ll get creative and mix Peppermint with Lime or Lemon with Lime, just for a different taste. It’s so refreshing and much healthier than fruit juice or soda.

20140829_0836391 p.m. Not every day, but some days are pretty stressful. I keep my bottle of Stress Away at my desk so that when I start to feel on the verge of freaking out, I can apply it to my temples, back of my neck and my pulse points. It’s a quick way to relax and calm my nerves.

6 p.m. Peppermint is known to increase energy and even help you get more from your workouts, so a glass of Peppermint Oil and water get me pumped before I head to the YMCA for my workout.

8 p.m. Whether it’s a shower or a bath, there are so many ways to use essential oils while getting clean. In the shower I use my Peppermint Scrub, which I made out of sugar, coconut oil, and Peppermint essential oil. Once a week I have committed myself to taking a detox bath, which is soaking in a hot tub of water, Epsom salt, baking soda, and essential oils. I love a combo of Frankincense, Lavender and Peppermint.

9 p.m.
This is when I really take care of my skin using essential oils. I’ll put Frankincense on my sun spots, Oregano on a few moles I am trying to get rid of, and Purification or Lavender on blemishes.

9:45 p.m.
Before I crawl into bed, I’ll put some oil on the bottom of my feet. Thieves is the one I turn to most often, as it is huge at keeping away germs and airborne illnesses. Prevention is key! I don’t want to treat sickness, I’d rather just not get sick in the first place!

10 p.m. As I sit in bed, read, and try to relax myself after a long day, there is nothing better than diffusing Peace and Calming or Sensation. I can set my diffuser to shut itself off after an hour or four hours. Either way, I’ve drifted off to sleep long before it shuts off, and I am sleeping through the night and waking up rested.

Essential oils can come into your life in small ways or big ways. Obviously, they will benefit your health and happiness the most if you use them in big ways! You won’t regret the decision to make yourself and family healthier with essential oils.


Young Living Independent Distributor
YL# 1964058

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The nose leads the way…

I’m a bit of a perfume-aholic. While some “oilers” might argue that perfumes are toxic, it’s one area I just won’t sacrifice. I love perfume. I love smelling each and every scent at Macy’s every time I am in the store. 

One reason I love perfume is because throughout life I have often changed my scent. So as I’m smelling the different perfumes in the store, many of them seem to literally transport me to another time when their aromas enter my nostrils and travel to my brain. Just last week I was in Gap Factory Outlet and I picked up a bottle of Dream perfume. One smell and I was back in high school, getting read to cheer at a home basketball game, ribbon in my hair and Coolio playing on the radio. I simply couldn’t stop the memories if I tried.10615955_10152261975731573_1544165549347675335_n

Scent is incredibly powerful. The scent of a cologne can trigger memories of an ex boyfriend, smelling chocolate chip cookies might remind you of Christmas time at grandmas, or maybe the smell of crisp fall air takes you a time when Friday nights meant high school football games and bonfires. It’s incredible what a scent can do.

But the “scents” of essential oils are so much more than just a smell. They carry molecules that basically infiltrate our brains and bloodstream. According to the “Essential Oils Pocket Reference” from Life Science Publishing, “the fragrance of an essential oil can directly affect everything from your emotional state to your lifespan… the sense of smell is the only one of the five senses directly linked to the limbic lobe of the brain, the emotional control center.”

Smell is powerful, and while there are lots of delicious-smelling candles that can fill our homes with fragrance, why not fill your home with fragrance AND molecules that will make you and your family healthier?

The ten oils that came in my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living have already started to have a major impact on my mood and my health, but the other day I received the five new oils I ordered. Here are their “scents” and how they might have an impact on health and well-being:

Peppermint is actually one of the oils in the Premium Starter Kit, but I love it so much that I just had to order the 15 ml bottle. Peppermint oil is incredibly energizing and uplifting. It tastes great in water, coffee and milk. I love to diffuse Peppermint Oil in the morning, as it’s a great scent to get my day started.

Citrus oils are also super uplifting. The smell of Tangerine makes me think of trips to Florida and other tropical locations. What’s great about Tangerine Oil is that it can help with anxiety, insomnia, lung health, parasites, and it boosts immunity.

Lime is one of my favorite fruit scents, and I certainly adore the flavor. Lime can help with skin conditions, weight loss, respiratory problems and acts as an antibacterial. 

Sensation is a blend, which means it is a mixture of single oils. Sensation contains single oils such as Coriander, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Jasmine and Geranium. It’s been described as a “beautiful smell, profoundly romantic, refreshing, and arousing.” Luckily its scent isn’t the only great thing about it. It is nourishing and hydrating for the skin.

Not all scents are pleasant. Let’s be honest- we can probably list just as many unpleasant scents as we can pleasant. In my opinion, Oregano Oil is one of the worst scents I have ever smelled. So why on earth did I purchase a 15ml bottle of an essential oil that gags me? Because, aside from it’s terrible smell, it has fabulous healing properties. I won’t be diffusing Oregano any time soon, but I will be using it on moles and skin tags. 

Our noses are powerful parts of our bodies. Not only do they allow us to recall memories because of certain scents, but they can carry the healing properties of essential oils to our brains and bloodstream. 

I’m no hippie, but natural healing sounds good to me…

A few days ago my best friend in Indianapolis posted on Facebook her results from a quiz called, “How Hippie Are You?” Her results were high, as expected, and I scored “24% hippie,” which was actually much, much higher than we had expected.

I’m not a nature girl. I’m not into eating organic, and I usually forget to recycle. But essential oils… there was something intriguing about them that made me want to know more.20140805_204236

After living in Uganda for almost a year, I wanted a new “hobby” back here in the US. I started volunteering twice a week at the Rescue Mission here in town, serving breakfast to the homeless. Still, I wanted to be involved in something else. My soul felt good, but I wanted something that would help my health, and possibly even my financial situation.

I had the typical ideas: Mary Kay, Avon, Premiere Designs Jewelry, Lia Sophia, and more. While I love products from all of those companies, they just weren’t the right fit for me.

“What about oils?” my mom asked me one day. “Liza seems to really love them!”

I didn’t know a thing. I was even a bit of a skeptic. But I started reading more and more of Liza’s posts on Facebook, and my curiosity grew. Where these oils really improving her life and the life of her family? I contacted her to find out.

At the very first oils “class” I attended, I was sold. Liza, whose grandparents are close friends of the family, explained why she was so passionate about Young Living Essential Oils, and it was totally contagious. I loved how she explained that God gave us everything in nature that we need to be healthy. All of a sudden, I wasn’t so much interested in doing this for financial reasons anymore, but for all the health benefits! I could hardly contain how excited I was to see what YL Essential Oils could do for me.

I’ll get into the “specifics” of essential oils another day, but for now, I just want to explain why I chose Young Living Essential Oils, and a few ways they have already changed my health in a few short weeks. I eventually want to write much more on these different topics, but here’s a short introduction:

Why Young Living?

There are quite a few essential oil companies out there. Young Living, in my opinion, blows the others out of the water. Their oils are top-quality and come from farms all over the world. They have a “Seed to Seal” promise that guarantees the quality of each and every essential oil. Plus, they’ve been doing it for 20 years! Their success has been proven with users and distributors across the globe.

This post was especially helpful in deciding that Young Living was the company for me: Why I think (Young Living) is the best essential oil company: From a humble chemist

Why become a distributor?

When my first Young Living package arrived, I could hardly stand the excitement!
When my first Young Living package arrived, I could hardly stand the excitement!

It was easy. And there wasn’t a commitment. Wholesale members save 24% off retail pricing, and when you become a wholesale member, you can automatically be a distributor! With many network marketing plans, you have to pay money up front to distribute. Not the case with Young Living! Distribute or don’t- it’s up to you.

I choose: DO! Research all you want. The people who say you can’t make money from things like Young Living, don’t know a thing about business or hard work. My sister-in-law retired at the age of 25 because of the financial gain she and my brother had through selling Amway. Even years later they are financially set thanks to their hard work through the business. It CAN be done. If your sharing something you believe in, it will pay off. I believe in Young Living Essential Oils because I believe God has naturally provided us with what need to be healthy.

What has it done for me so far?

– Thanks to Peace and Calming diffusing as I drift off to sleep, I am sleeping much better. Not only is it easier to fall asleep, but I am actually staying asleep throughout the night.

Frankincense (Yes! The stuff they gave JESUS! You know it’s good!) has already lightened sun spots on my face that came out when I lived on the equator in Uganda last year.

– Last week I had a killer headache. It was so bad that I thought, “Forget oils, I’m going

The diffuser, which has a timer so it will shut off on its own, makes my room feel like a spa!
The diffuser, which has a timer so it will shut off on its own, makes my room feel like a spa!

straight to Tylenol.” But even a few hours later, I wasn’t feeling any better. Then I turned to my oils. I put some peppermint oil on my temples, and within minutes my headache was gone. Since then, any headache I’ve had has gone away with peppermint.

– I hate drinking water. I’ve been hooked on soft drinks for as long as I can remember, but adding lemon oil to my water has made all the difference in the world. I love drinking water now with the great flavor of lemon! I can’t wait to receive my lime, orange and tangerine oils next month!

Note: If you click on the links, the prices listed are retail, wholesale prices are 24% lower! I’ll explain later how to become a wholesale member!

What’s next?

I’m still fairly new at this, but I’d be happy to share with anyone! I have some samples, and constantly I’m doing research, attending seminars, and taking the steps necessary to become an “oil expert”, if you will. I want to be knowledgeable in what I’m sharing with the people I love.

I’m not anti-medicine or anti-doctor, but I believe that much of the ailments we deal with can be prevented with essential oils and some of them even healed. The question is, why not? Essential Oils are FUN, and they have given me a desire to be healthier in all areas of life- that’s why I named my business, “enrapture!” These oils really do bring me intense pleasure and joy.

I will continue to share my stories on this blog and on my enrapture Facebook page. Feel free to contact me via email or on Facebook if you have any questions.

Whether you just follow my journey to learn more, or you want to get into oils yourself, I look forward to sharing with you!